I’m still hoping it’s you and me in the end.
― 10-Word Story (via bl-ossomed)

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The truth is that I’m trying to grow the fuck up for once. I’m on a quest to reclaim the best parts of myself before it’s too fucking late.
― Hank Moody (via beaurandolph)
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I think the whole point of being with someone is so you can talk to them and let go of everything, and even when you’re at your worst, they still like you, they still want to speak to you and care about you.
― Unknown (via fliptard)

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Get excited about the little things. About wearing a new outfit for the first time. About Sunday brunches with your best friends. About the new cute guy in your class. About finding an extra dollar in your pocket. About anything that even remotely makes you happy because as you grow up, passions fade and enthusiasm gets mistaken for foolishness. So don’t let the grey world stop you from shining.
― note to self (via zodiacchic)

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Intimacy is not who you let touch you. Intimacy is who you text at 3am about your dreams and fears. Intimacy is giving someone your attention, when ten other people are asking for it. Intimacy is the person always in the back of your mind, no matter how distracted you are.
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I try more and more to be myself, caring relatively little whether people approve or disapprove.
― Vincent Van Gogh (via perfect)

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I want you to leave marks on me.
Marks from loving me too hard,
from kissing me too hard,
and holding me too hard.
I want you to leave your handprint.
I want your loving words to hit me hard.
I want to feel your love on my skin.
― Only kind of marks   (via solytaire)

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